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Hey why not?  You deserve it.  Because when you give to the AFA (American Foosball Association), your donation goes directly to providing the community with more opportunities for kids.  And that's a good reason to give your self a hand.  Give more. Get more.  Want to know where your money goes?  It goes to kids in every community to give them safe, fun places to stay.  The AFA is highly involved in nationwide communities providing entertainment to youth groups, recreational centers, hospitals, and more.
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Information on the Upcoming
2001 USTSA National Championship

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The A.F.A. was established to promote the sport of Foosball into an Olympic event;
Establish national goals for this amateur sport; and coordinate and develop activities in the
United States directly relating to international competition. The American Foosball
Association is a player founded, player managed not for profit organization. A portion of
donations and revenues from merchandizing fund the establishment of foosball facilities
in youth centers across America.  The AFA helps to bring foosball on a fun and professional level to the kids across the globe.

Your support is needed and greatly appreciated -

Got a one of a kind foosball table?  Want to let the whole world see it?  Want to clean out your old game room?  If you have an old unique foosball table that you want to donate to the worlds first foosball museum, you can donate it to the AFA and we will let our master craftsmen restore it to its beauty and display it in the foosball museum!  Check out this amazing table donated!

"Philanthropy is not about giving money - it's about giving yourself"
It may be that you are somehow linked to a person in the
next generation that you need to help.

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The AFA's S.O.C.C. Program donates high quality tables to the youth across America!

PO Box 37(400 Arnold Street), Kingsland, GA  31548
Voice: 1-888-FOOSING; Fax: 1-(912)-882-0842


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